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Thursday, March 04, 2010

XS Minis

Earlier in the week we told you about John John Ale from Rogue Brewing. What I forgot to tell you in that post was that Mark (Bayou) got a new shipment of the Rogue XS Series Russian Imperial Stout.

Normally this beer would break the bank. The typical XS bottle is a 22 oz. ceramic bomber, which really ups the price of an already expensive beer. The new XS series bottles are a handy 7 oz. glass bottle.

Wow! Who'd a thunk it? A big beer in small bottle? How many times have you wanted a strong beer but couldn't, because you didn't want to get hammered - going solo on a 10.5% 22 oz. bomber. Brilliant!

Also, due to some front office delays Donovan's Double Black lager from Hoppers has been delayed 'till the pencil pushers figure out whatever those guys figure out. Frustrating! to say the least. Call Hoppers before you go. (801) 566-0424



Andrew said...

Probably the wrong place to do this, but the Full Sail Imperial stout and Top Sail Bourbon Barrel Porter are out. I picked up some of each at the downtown wine store today.

Mikey said...

Not the wrong place at all. Thanks For the heads up Andrew.

Douglas said...

Awesome. Thanks Andrew.

Diamond Mind said...

bringin' the xs back to the original containers?? Still waitin' for the pre 2000 crusty, myself.