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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Vernal Brewing Company Update

After months of planning and fact finding, Vernal Brewing Company's new facility is quickly beginning to take shape. These pictures, provided by Vernal craft beer corespondent, Allen Parker show the walls of the city's newest craft beer oasis going up.

The brewery will be the largest in the area and will be what looks to be Vernal's new "craft beer block", sharing real estate with the Bucket Home Brew shop, which is also owned by the brewery's owners.

As more specifics trickle in on VBC progress, we'll of course share them.

In other news, Squatters Oktoberfest seasonal beer is back in all of it's malty glory. 

Pours a warm orange brown color with a firm, creamy white head. The nose is full of clean toasty malts with a bit of subtle nutty character. The taste starts with lots of crisp, smokey malts, biscuit tones and a good citrusy hop twang. Vanilla, orange peel and a spices lingering towards the finish. The bitter hops meld with a slight malt smokiness into the after taste. Very well balanced and highly drinkable with an ABV of 5.5%. This is a great example of what Oktoberfest biers are all about. Available in 16.9oz. bottles at all Squatters locations, Including the Beer store.

There are some modifications made to yesterday's post on RedRock's Oktoberfest beers. "Modifications" mean, I screwed up! I apologize.


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