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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

All Star Brewing Company

 Back in 2002 the city of Tooele, Utah was gifted the city's very first microbrewery. Many small communities in Utah would kill for the opportunity have locally made beers brewed in their own zip codes, Tooele scored big.

Unfortunately, Tracks had it's fair share of ups and downs in the past decade. Between the inconsistent beer and an identity problem, the large - attractive brewpub seemed to have problems finding it's way as a craft beer destination.

Tracks seemed to do well as a sports bar, but the craft beer side of the business had a tougher time finding an audience. I don't know if it was due to inexperience or a lack of craft beer education in the community, but one thing is for sure, it could be a huge opportunity for the right person.

Thankfully, local entrepreneur Brad Shepard stepped forward to recreate what the city of Tooele lost and renamed it, All Star Brewing Co. Brad is the owner of All Star Lanes, a bowling/entertainment company. He's fond of beer but knows little about the brewing industry, so he did what any good entrepreneur does, contract with someone who does.

Enter, Eric Dunlap the man who acquired, installed & helped get Tracks' brewhouse operational 10 years ago. If Eric's name sounds familiar it should. Eric has been behind many of Utah's craft breweries, including Avalanche, Rivers & most recently RedRock Brewing. As of late Dunlap has moved into the consulting end of craft beer, helping breweries who may have gotten "off track" - get back on. Pun intended.

Dunlap has spent the last couple of months resurrecting the neglected brewhouse while Shepard has been hard at work, reworking the rest of the pub, all they are missing now is a brewer.

Dave Watson is now the guy. Dave is an all around good guy, craft beer lover, former assistant brewer at Desert Edge, an assistant manager at the Beer Nut and obviously from the picture on the left a real "ham". Dave has paid his dues, has the talent and is ready to run the brewhouse. Yesterday was the first brew day at the newly rechristened Tooele Brewery. Dave mashed in an Amber Ale and will be brewing up a Pale Ale today. By the end of the week all four fermenters should be churning away.

All Star will start with four - 4% beers that will be available at all of Shepard's Lanes and any other bar or restaurant that want's more local beers on tap. No bottles or cans are in the near future. Congrats to all involved in Utah's newest brewery.

Note: Though Dave is brewing, the restaurant/pub is still being remodeled. We'll get the word out when it's officially opened.



Michael said...

All Star Brewing?

Very happy for Dave to get the opportunity. However this news is so unexciting to me.

Best of luck to them.

Chris Detrick said...

Congrats Dave! I'm am looking forward to tasting your beers soon.

Anonymous said...

Good work Dave!

Jamie said...

Cheers to Dave and his new adventure!

kent said...

Congratulations on the position Dave. I can't wait to see what you whip up.

Mike J said...

Congrats Dave and all involved. Can't wait to try the new beers.

Anonymous said...

Finally! Just hope you get it going for some post season football and brew and I'll be there!

Anonymous said...


Please include local Tooele Home Brewers in your manifest destiny!

justin dustin said...

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