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Thursday, May 09, 2013


The long drought in between Paardebloem releases has finally come to an end and this year we get a double-whammy of dandelion delightfulness!

If your new here or are unfamiliar,  Paardebloem (Flemish for dandelion) was originally conceived of in 2009, by RedRock's "Beer Yogi", Kevin Templin & New Belgium Brewing's Chris McCombs.

In 2009 the beer world experienced a bit of a hop shortage. Popular hop varietals were tough to get or were becoming pricier than normal. Paardebloem was born from a need to brew convention beers with old world techniques. One of those techniques was using dandelion greens for bittering.

The beer was made, New Belgium called their version Dandelion Ale & RedRock went with Paardebloem. That wasn't the only difference, RR's went into barrels with funky bugs for  many months & NB's was Kegged fresh. Four years later we have two different blended beers that are the same... Makes sense?.... Right?

This evening (after 6pm) at all RedRock locations you'll be able to sample both versions of the collaborative beer that's finally a true collaboration. New Belgiam's is part of their popular Lips of Faith series & will be exclusively sold at RedRock for "in house" consumption.  This is the first time a NB beer has been for sale legally in Utah. Hopefully it's a sign of things to come.

Don't be that Douche or Douchette that misses out on this great thing that's happening in right in your own backyard or you'll be sad lil' beer geeks when they're gone.

Op uw gezondheid!

Photo: (left) McCombs, (right) Templin
Courtesy: Erika Palmer 


kent said...

Woohoo. Can't wait to try both of these.

Ray said...

Their good but not really that sour, I prefer Red Rocks better.

Mikey said...

I think the Lips of Faith version could use a year in the bottle. However I heard that NB pasteurizes their beers & that may not have much effect on it anyway. Anyone have any info on that?