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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Proper Beers

The Avenues Proper Restaurant  & Publick House is a great place. The food & beer are top notch, but there's been one problem. No house beers! That changes today. Head Brewer Rio Connolly, has finally finished his debut beers & they're available today!

The Proper Beer (English golden ale) There are many types of Golden Ales, but the British interpretation on the Golden Ale is easily the boldest, hoppiest blond ale rendition. Some of these can almost be considered American Pales they are so hopped up - very crisp, refreshing, with relatively low alcohol compared with their North American counterparts.

Patersbier (Belgian single) or "fathers' beer" is a lighter version of an Trappist Ale that is traditionally only made for the monasteries monks. There's no single style of Patersbier it can be a "session-ized" style of many styles.

Slaintè Stout (dry Irish stout) these tend to have light-ish bodies to keep them on the highly drinkable side. They're usually a lower carbonation brew and served on a nitro system for that creamy, masking effect (as is this one). The bitterness comes from both roasted barley and a generous dose of hops, though the roasted character will be more noticeable.

The new beers should be on as soon as lunch time.


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