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Friday, May 17, 2013

New Beer Friday! 5/17/13

Nothing really new today, but one of my favorite Epic seasonals, Hop Syndrome returns today. Release #11 is a little different this time. It's hopped with whole leaf Aramis hops that lends a spicy aroma. The addition of  Lemon Drop hops add a light fruitiness and accentuate the clean pilsner finish, or so I'm told. Available at Epic's bottle shop today.

Deschutes' Fresh Squeeze IPA may or may not make an appearance at the Beerhive today. Del said, his distributor had some and it's on it's way to him, but this beer is not currently in production, so I don't know what the Hell to think, if it does show up we'll let you know. He also mention a shload of Lagunitas seasonal have returned and should be available late this afternoon.

And a reminder of today's Craft Beer Week Events:

 RedRock Brewing Co.
*May 17th - Bar X has the Golden Ticket" featuring 4 Gold Medal Winners. Nut brown, Swartz Bier, Pilsner and Paardebloem. @ Bar X. 6:00- 12:00

Bohemian Brewing Co.
May 17th - Patio Party @ Woody's Tavern in Moab



Michael said...

I see Ray has made it into another Utah Beer Blog Post. Nice picture, Ray.

D-Dub said...

Bonneville Antelope Amber is on at the Beer Hive now.

D-Dub said...
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Douglas said...

New Squatters beer, Scotch Ale.

Mikey said...

I know! I'm gunna kick Jason's ass for the late notice! Kilt Trip is a 7.5% Scottish ale spiced with coriander seed. Much like Traquair House's Jacobite Ale. Can't wait to try it!