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Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Bar-X's Beer Bar

From its days as a men's only bar to its national renown as a prime cocktail spot. Bar-X has been a notorious staple in downtown SLC since 1933.

Apparently the owners of Bar-X recently acquired the two properties immediately east on 200e. with plans to create a new beer bar called, err... Beer Bar? Now you may not know this about me, but I like beer & beer bars. This is really great news, SLC is really finding it's beer groove. We'll keep you updated as things progress.

Also, SLC's Becky Nix is this week's AHA Home Brewer of the Week. Becky, like many Utah transplants found home brewing out of frustration with her inability to find the styles she loved locally. Becky is a member of the the Hop Bombshells Home Brew Club and brews monthly. Congrats, Becky!


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