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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Epic's First 50 Firkin Fiasco List

I generally try to keep the news and discussions here to only those things that benefit the beer lovers of Utah, but I got my hands on the firkin list for Epic's big - First 50 Firkin Fiasco that takes place this Thursday (October 10th) at Epic's new Denver brewery, during the Great American Beer Festival.

Though I'm not permitted to publish the exact ingredients, I'm sure you can figure out what many of the firkins contain from the names listed. The modifications to each beer will be listed on each firkin at the big party.

The event will begin at 3:00pm and conclude by 11:00pm. The taproom will be open to the general public and will have 10 firkins available. A VIP pass will be offered for $55.00 which includes an event T-shirt, gift bag (glassware and logo goods) and access to the full brewery and all 50 firkins. The brewing staff from Salt Lake City and Denver will be on hand to discuss the beers, as VIP’s explore the brewery. Food vendors will be onsite during the event and passes will include a food voucher. The VIP passes are very limited, and are available for purchase from:  http://50firkins.eventbrite.com/

Epic is looking for 5 volunteers to help out at our First 50 Firkin Fiasco on Thursday, 10 from 2:30 - 10:00pm. They will hook you up with a custom event shirt and some sweet swag. You may even have a beer or fifty at some point. Email phil@epicbrewing.com if you're in Denver on Oct, 10th and have time to help.

We'd love to hook up with other "Utards" headed to GABF. Message us via the Utah Beer Facebook Page so we can "geek-out" together. Here's the list - these beers are "as is" a may or may not ever be duplicated again.

Clam Stout
825 w/ Coconut
825 Ice Cream Float
Big Bad Cherry
Spiced Cherry
After the Fact Brainless Pale Ale
Brainless on Curry
Chocolate Covered Raspberries
Big Bad Raspberries
Captain Crompton’s w/ Chinook
Apricot Cap’n
A(mber) B(eer au) L(apsang) S(ouchong)
Amber Chai
Black Pepper Double Skull
Cocoa Skulls
Orange Cow
Mint Cow
Imperial IPA w/ Coconut
Pumpkin Bread
Pumpkin Mole
Chipotle Pumpkin
Imperial Red w/ Fig and Grapefruit
Imperial Red w/ Cacao Nibs
Black Bark
Hibiscus Wheat
Lemon Fennel Wheat
Apple Pie à la Mild
PB&J Mild
Earl Grey Mild
Lavender Lager
South of the Border Pfeifferhorn
East of the Border Pfeifferhorn
Pepper Sage Rosemary and Thyme
Chipotle Jetty
Guayava Jetty
Bitter Date Jetty
Southern Spiral
Blue Hopu-berry
Oaked Mosaic
Ginger Citrus Mosaic
Imperial Kiwi IPA
Imperial Oaked IPA
Imperial Spiced Orange IPA
Fleeing the Elders
Witty Escape
Eastern Escape


D-Dub said...

Mountain Dew or Clam Stout. Ugh. Uuuuuugh. Ewwwwww. I guess I'll have a Clam Stout.

Mikey said...

I love that episode too. :-)