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Friday, October 18, 2013

New Beer Friday 10/18/13

This week's New Beer Friday is more triumphant than a bad-ass Mormon Jebus saving a damsel, while riding a unicorn - Beer in hand. That's some pretty Triumphant shizzle yo!

Anchor Bigleaf Maple Autumn Amber: The nose is dominated by piney hops with dank dark fruits. The beer tastes the same. It starts with the pine and dark fruitiness but it also has a bit of maple flavor in the end. There’s a lingering bitterness undercut with a maple sweetness. Not really my style, but I am glad to see more seasonal offering coming from Anchor Brewing.

Squatters Gourd Almighty Pumpkin Ale: Typical Pumpkin ale flavor profile, but more subdued than some pumpkin beers in the market right now. If your not a fan of the style this one may be kinder to your palate.

Firkin Friday at the Bayou and at Poplar St. Pub has a new beer from Squatters, a Chocolate Witbier. I know Chocolate and Witbier is a bit of an oxymoron, but it does sound delicious. Should be tapped around 3pm.

A couple of returning beers from Avenues Proper include Benches Belgian Brown  as well as their session IPA, Hopspital.



Craig said...

I had Squatters Pumpkin Saison on Nitro yesterday, is the Gourd Almighty Pumpkin Ale the same one?

Mikey said...

When I spoke with Jason last week he didn't mention that there would be two pumpkin beers on at the same time. I would assume that Gourd Almighty is the Pumpkin Saison.

Douglas said...

In other news, just had the Roosters Honey Wheat: wow, as terrible as Olde English without the hefty alcohol and cheap price. Do the brewers at Roosters just not care? I mean, for 7 years (for me) the infected buttery Roosters drafts were terrible, now the bottles are as well.