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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Zion Canyon's New Direction

We along the Wasatch Front and Back tend to get a little wrapped up in our own little beer world, living here in the north, I'm guilty of this as well. We tend to forget Utah takes up a huge chunk of real estate and that our beer culture thrives in all corners of the state.

Zion Canyon Brewing is one of those breweries that tends to get overlooked. It started as a production brewery located in the basement of the Majestic View Lodge - that made it difficult to find all on it's own. Then the distribution to the northern Utah was slow in coming and spotty at best. Now new life is being pumped into Southern Utah's only brewery and damn it you should be aware!

ZCBC  just finished a big remodeling and are opening their awesome new Zion Canyon Brew Pub at the entrance to Zion Canyon National State Park. With a new Brewmaster in tow they are revamping old brews while introducing all new beers, like their new Redemption West Coast IPA.

If you find yourself in Southern Utah, takes some time to get your asses to Springdale, UT and help support our craft beer brothers and sisters in the desert. They're all alone down there and need your "beer love".


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