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Monday, February 02, 2015

Epic Lil' Brainless Raspberries

Epic has a new beer in the can, that's a new take on an old favorite. The Brainless Line from Epic started out with a Belgian Style Golden Ale, then morphed into various fruity/barrel aged incarnations including Brainless on Peaches and Brainless on Cherries. A Brainless IPA came too, along with a two funky version of the peach and cherry ales. Brainless on Raspberries was the latest label in the line and it became a big hit. The fact that it wasn't barrel aged like some of the others fruit versions meant it could be produced more quickly and reach a wider audience.

The popularity of the raspberry version got the kids at Epic thinking that a less boozy, more portable version of the Brainless on Raspberries would be even more popular and approachable. The result is Lil' Brainless Rapberries.

One of the things that separates this beer (Lil' B'Razz as it's been nicknamed) from many other raspberry ales is the yeast. Like all of the other Brainless beers, it has that rich, estery and spicy, Belgian yeast funk backing it up. The raspberry is subtle and tart with some dry and puckering tannin notes. You get some floral bitterness on the back of the tongue. With a finish that is semi tart and dry. The ABV is a pleasant 5.2%

I don't usually go for fruit beers off the bat, but this one has a nice complex character that is very pleasing and drinkable. It's for sale right now at Epic's Denver Brewery (because that's where the canning line is) and is currently en route to Salt Lake. My guess is it will be for sale in Utah sometime in the next two weeks. The mood of the DABC will affect this timeline greatly so be patient. When it does go on sale it will be at DABC stores, The Annex and better beer bars.

Of course we'll spread the word once it goes on sale.


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