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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Zion Curtain Part 6

I mean for Christ's sake, look at that thing up there! It shouldn't be this hard to get rid of a simple regulatory nightmare that the majority of Utahans don't want. But here we are, years later - still talking about this massive, international embarrassment, the Zion Curtain.

Many have tried, all have failed. Even it's creator, former State Senator, John Valentine actually said at one point on Radio from Hell that, "he didn't really like it". Maybe it's 6th time in front of public opinion's firing squad will put it out of it's misery.

The man who has stepped up to lance this boil on the state's ass is Republican Senator, Kraig Powell of Heber City. He quietly filed HB339 yesterday. Buried in the bill are lines that appear to tear down “separate preparation areas,” as they are officially known. Instead, restaurants will be required to post a sign notifying the public that they serve alcohol, as well as create a bar or lounge area that prohibits minors.

Hmm, imagine that. A way to shield a sheltered child's fragile psyche from the mind bending images of liquids being dispensed into a container before they've even entered the establishment. It's nothing short of astonishing! I'm in awe that an alcohol eschewing family would even dare try to spend their wholesomely earned shekels in such an "anti-family values" establishment. This could save people a lot of time, while earning a shload of celestial kingdom points.  

Will common sense win out over an uneducated and uniformed minority? Who knows. It all depends on if Utah's real lawmakers on Temple Square give it their blessing.

We've all spent too much time on this mess. Please hammer your representatives and senators today. Tell them to "tear down this wall"!



kent said...

Do folks think this has a chance of passing? I'm not being sarcastic, I'm genuinely interested.

Seems like the need to create a separate lounge area might be prohibitively expensive for some restaurants. Unless a barrier of the type Squatters has downtown would qualify? I'd certainly like to see restaurants actually be able to use the taps they've installed.

Mikey said...

The way I read it, and someone correct me if I'm wrong. It only stipulates that you need to designate an (over 21) area not necessarily create one. Also, I recall reading something about smaller establishments that are less than a certain square footage would be exempt.

Nicole Ann said...

I work at a restaurant right across the street from a liquor store. We have a zions curtain up around our bar, yet I see parents strolling casually into the liquor store with a toddler in hand and a baby on the hip. So I can't see how it would shelter kids sensitive psyche. Even now, after reading this article, I'm still unaware of the actual purpose of the zions curtain, but can describe it in one word; "Useless."

Mikey said...

Nicole Ann - you're right, it has no purpose, it does nothing to alter a child's perception of what's happening around them. At its core it's a tool designed to make obtaining a drink as difficult as possible. Not only to the patrons but to the restaurant staff as well.

It was conceived by an overly self righteous man who wants to be a thorn in the sides of those who don't share his "values".

Don Hamon said...

OK, so I'm a bit naive about beer and liquor in Utah. Being from Bend Oregon where new breweries open almost weekly....24 and growing, I'm spoiled. We're planning a motorcycle trip to Southern Utah this spring, staying in Washington, Kanab, Mexican Hat and Moab. Should I panic?



Mikey said...

Sadly, yes. Don, it's a desert in more was than one down there. While you can find alot of local beers at grocery and convienience stores you'll likely have a tough time finding much else down there.