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Friday, February 06, 2015

New "Big" Beer Friday

Quite a few "big" boozy beers for your New Beer Friday. Your tongues are in for a full frontal assault, so make sure your travel plans are in order before proceeding.

Firestone Walker §ucaba - Pours black with some dense brown foam. The nose is smooth with chocolate, caramel, toffee, candied fruit and char. The taste starts with a chocolate brownie character. A bit of fudge comes in next with Bourbon, oak, coconut and vanilla rounding out the end. It's one of the finest barleywines you'll find. So damn delicious! 12.50% ABV @ limited DABC stores

Sierra Nevada Barrel Aged Narwhal - Pours a viscous black with a thin cap of light brown foam. The nose  has dark chocolate. Lots of tart, dark fruit, vanilla and a hint of Bourbon. I think the best way to describe the taste of this beer is simply Bourbon soaked tiramisu. Big coffee, chocolate and vanilla notes with a bit of boozy burn. Complex and wonderful. 12.9% ABV @ Limited DABC, Beer Bar.

New Belgium Salted Chocolate Stout - Black in appaerance with a nose of phenolic Belgian yeast, banana, asphalt, vanilla and chocolate. The taste is similar to the nose...lots of belgian esters, roasted marshmallows, moderate roast with a touch of coffee, some oaky notes in the middle. The end has a slight herbal bitterness. A hint of sodium in the finish. 9.0% ABV @ Beer Bar, Bayou, Beerhive, Limited DABC stores

Sockeye High Lakes Session IPA - I haven't had this one yet. Sockeye describes it as a session-style IPA is crafted with the full flavors and aromas of its big brother (Dagger Falls IPA), but with a low alcohol by volume so as to increase drinkability without losing its signature full hop character. It has a fresh, piney hop aroma with a slight hint of caramel malt to balance the bite, and a hop forward flavor with citrus up front and a mild spiciness throughout. Comes in at a whopping 80 IBUs 4.0% ABV  @ Maverik C-stores, Smith’s Food stores, and Walmart Superstores.

Hive Preacher's Son Blueberry Honey Wine - This Melomel is described as having a silky smooth mouth feel and rich color, this pleasantly sweet wine will delight the senses. Rich, flavorful blueberry dominates the front flavor with delightful, delicate notes of clover honey. 13.3% ABV @ Hive Winery Note: this bottle features our friends Nate & Misti Cobb, steam'n up the label with a bit of "Romance de foncé".

The Annex's Firkin will be pouring their Annex Golden Ale with Haribo Gummi Bears. Yup! I said, Gummi Bears. I admit, I am curious. The Bayou has The Annex IPL in their firkin, it will be dosed with Swedish Fish. So If you feel your not not getting enough gelatin in your beer, today is your hoof smacking day. I guess it goes without saying these gummi beers are not Vegetarian/Vegan friendly. The Bayou taps at 3:30 - Annex at 4pm.



Sean Landis said...

Mike, can you say which DABC stores for the first few?

Jay said...

Yes please do tell if you are able the DABC inventory site isn't showing them.

Ed said...

I think we're still waiting for Green Flash at DABC stores, so...

Unknown said...

Green Flash was in Orem in the Fall. That one store had a ton of at least five different types but I haven't seen any distribution since. Grabbed a couple of bottles of the Barrel Aged Narwhal at the 3rd and 3rd store a couple weekends ago, but that disappeared fast. I doubt there will be any more. Haven't seen hide nor hair of the Sucaba. I'd like to know more about that one.

My Two vinCents said...

80 ibu for a session ipa got my attention. But I couldn't find any at maveriks or smiths or the state store in sugarhouse. Has anybody found sockeye anywhere?

Mikey said...

Talked to the distributor about Sockeye last week. Said they should be out by now.

I may have got some bogus info from the DABC in regards to the Sucaba. I know craft beer bars got some. My apologies for spreading bad info.

Unknown said...

A couple other notables in the local stores: Deschutes Mirror Mirror, Abyss, and more Black Butte XXVI (sadly no Dissident); and New Belgium's La Folie.