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Friday, May 22, 2015

New Beer Friday 5/21/15

Yeah there's a lot of rain. However, did you know beer is the perfect accompaniment for it? Why do you think there are so many breweries in the North West? Here are this week's New Beer Friday options.

Boulder - Single Track Rye Pale Ale: Didn't get a chance to try this one. It's described as a refreshing, medium-bodied ale, Singletrack Rye Pale Ale is brewed with toasted rye and caramel malt for a slight nutty flavor with a brilliant copper color. Reflecting a lifestyle adopted by many at our brewery and in Boulder, Singletrack is an homage to the two-wheeled athletes and weekend warriors pounding the narrow trails of our backyard mountains 4.0% ABV @Harmon's

Boulder - Buffalo Gold Golden Ale: Pours a clear golden yellow with two fingers of tall puffy foam. The nose has some sweet grains and a slight doughiness with some floral hops. The taste is more malty like a pale ale with a bit of unripened apple and pear. Floral and grassy hops round out the end.  4.0% ABV @ Harmon's

Deschutes - Armory XIPA:  Deep copper/orange color with a clumpy three fingers of head. The nose has light caramel and biscuit with an herbal spiciness. The taste starts with toffee like malts and toast. There are also hints of nutmeg and clove Lots of zesty tropical notes come next with a hint of  herbal spices. 6.0% ABV @ Select DABC - I saw it at Bountiful's Store

Hive Winery Black Cherry Brandy: The Hive Brandy Company’s first spirit and Utah’s first brandy. This light amber spirit fronts with vanilla notes finishing with a fresh cherry. Made with 11 pounds of Utah grown black cherries per bottle and aged on oven toasted French oak this spirit will warm you all the way through. For the best brandy drinking experience serve it in a large brandy snifter. This allows the aromas to fill the glass and pass into the lungs each time you take a sip. As a fantastic alternative on the sweeter side add a little real maple syrup to your brandy and swirl it in the snifter. This blends the maple with the cherries and vanilla to make a fantastic combination with a slight sweetness to intensify all the flavors. If you do not have a brandy snifter use the largest wine glass you have at home and you will get the same effects.We only bottled 122 bottles of this magnificent brandy so it will not last long. Each bottle is hand numbered and hand sealed with a double dipped wax cap. Come in and get one of these very limited brandies. This is only available at The Hive Winery/The Hive Brandy Company Location. $68.95 for a 750 ml bottle. 80 proof 40% alcohol by volume.


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Unknown said...

A couple new things I saw around town:
Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter at the 3rd and 3rd wine store.
Full Sail bourbon barrel aged imperial stout at the 3rd West wine store.