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Friday, June 23, 2017

Half Assed New Beer Friday

If you're not familiar with my day job (why would you), Fox13 News pays my bills. Basically I'm a camera money and my jungle this week is in Panguitch, Utah covering the massive wildfire out here. The interwebs has been scarce out here and since I managed to find a patch of WiFi, I thought I'd try and get some New Beer Friday info out to you.

Hoppers El Norteño - This light colored lager is influenced after the great brewing traditions brought to Mexico by the Austrian and German immigrants. Lighter in color than the Viennese amber colored lagers brewed in Mexico, it stays true to the art of crafting a clean crisp refreshing lager. Made from North American grown Pilsener malt, Vienna malt and a small amount of corn, floral German Hallertau Mittlefräh hops, and a Mexican Lager yeast. 4.0% ABV

Lagunitas Dark Swan - Mikey no try this wild ale. 8.7% ABV @ BeerHive

Stone RuinTen - Mikey no try this Triple IPA. 10.8% ABV @ BeerHive

Stone Ghost Hammer - Mikey no try this IPA 6.7% ABV @ Bayou, BeerHive

Bohemian Brewer's Stache Copper Lager - Pours a bright deep copper color and has aromas of toasted bread and biscuit that lead into a caramel malt backbone with a touch of smoke and roast in the finish. Perle hops lend a spicy balance to the array of malts used in Bohemian's new unique lager. While medium in body, this full flavored lager is a delightful alternative to the typical beers of summer. 4.0% ABV @ Bohemian



RoadKill said...

Looks like a trip to the south end of the valley is in order real soon! Love the lager!

RoadKill said...

...and nothing wrong with a peeber!