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Friday, June 16, 2017

New Beer Friday 6/16/17

We have a broad choice of flavors for this week's New Beer Friday. We have a Bock, an Amber, a DIPA and a Belgian style Pale Ale. Plenty to keep your tongue occupied.

Stone Enjoy by 7/4/17 - This version has a nice nose of orange, lemon, peach and caramelized sugar.
The taste has bitter grapefruit peel and fruity malts. Lots of citrus here. Bitterness dominates here. Was expecting more tropical fruits based on the nose but it's adequately fruity. Dry and bitter finish. 9.4% ABV @ Beer Bar, Dick n' Dixies

Brewery Ommegang Bend the Knee -  This is the latest in Ommegang's Game of Thrones series of beers. The nose is floral and spicy. The taste starts with fruity and spicy yeast along with a good dose of honey. Peppery notes and coriander come next with some vinious orange and lemon. Bitter finish. This not my favorite style of beer but I found this pretty enjoyable. 9.0% ABV Bayou, Beer Bar

Desert Edge Hoppy Amber - The name says it all. This is an unfiltered amber ale featuring Simcoe, Centennial, and Wai-iti hops in the kettle and dry hopped with Mosaic. A nice toasty, caramel malt flavor balances the bright citrus from the hops for a small beer with big flavor. 4.0% ABV @ Desert Edge

Lagunitas Lagunator - I missed out on this one. This is a Bock, so look for a malt forward beer with a moderate amount of hops. 7.7% ABV @ DABC

See anything that I missed? Please share!

We'll be discussing these beers and other local beer news this afternoon at 3:30pm on KBER 101, with Mick and Allen


1 comment:

Unknown said...

Oh boy, are we going to actually get some Enjoy By in stores here? Those beers are always top-notch for my taste.