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Friday, September 08, 2017

New Beer Friday 9/8/17

By now School is in full swing, if you're a student of drinking age your probably gunna need some New Beer Friday suds to help you in your end of the week decompression. Go Utes!
Shades of Pale - Sweet Dreams: I haven't had this yet. Debuts today at SOP. 8% ABV.

Talisman - Udder Chaos:  The nose has roasted malt and cocoa powder. The taste has deep roasted chocolate malt flavor, nicely bitter and isn't overly sweet. There is some sweetness in the middle before a lingering bitter finish that is part black coffee and roasted malt. Made with Park City's Ritual Chocolate. 4.0% ABV. Available at Talisman Brewery, Soon to Grocery and C-stores.
Brewery Ommegang - Pale Sour Ale:  The nose is tart with minerals and lemon. The flavor starts with malt, not quite grainy, maybe more cereal-like. The beer itself is more tart than sour. Cherry and lemon notes appear and there's some grassiness as well. Not super complex but very drinkable. 6.9% ABV. Available at select DABC Stores, Kimball Junction for sure.

Ballast Point - Bonito: The nose is malty sweet, lightly citrus and grassy. The flavor follows with more depth. It's subtly sweet with a touch of fruity lime-like citrus upfront. Median bitterness across the middle, and then followed by a dry grassy finish. 4.5% ABV. Available at select DABC Stores, Kimball Junction for sure.

Stone - 21st Anniversary Hail To the Hop Thief: A nice aroma of light citrus fruit, malt, and pine. The taste is kinda old school IPA meets West Coast IPA. There's a bit of malt with a good dose of pine, citrus fruit and a bit of lemon as well. A nice, well-balanced DIPA. 9.8% ABV. Available at the Beerhive, Slackwater. 

Beavertown / Garage Project / Stone - Fruitallica:
The nose here has vague hops and fruit. No habanero notes at all. The same goes for the taste. No spice, heat or peppers. It relies on the the tropical fruits (yuzu and kiwi) to carry it. It's not a bad fruited IPA, but I was expecting a little more pepper snap. 8.0% ABV. Available at the Beerhive, Slackwater.

Fisher - Oyster Stout: This is much like their standard stout. Don't worry, it doesn't have "the worlds first great taste of fish"! ~ Monty Python. 4.0% ABV. At Fisher Brewing.

Great Divide - Hoss: This is a typical Märzen style lager. It's full of vanilla like caramel malts but it's more aggressively bittered with spicy and floral hops. 6.2% ABV. At the Beer Bar. 

Sierra Nevada - Ovila White Ale: A great example of the style. A good dose of wheat and coriander with spicy notes from the yeast. Very nice. 5.3% ABV.  At Beer Bar. 

Goose Island - Sofie: Soft malts, clove and Belgian yeast. There's a slight peachy tartness in the back end. Quite nice. 6.5% ABV At Beer Bar, BeerHive. 

What did I miss? Please share!  


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Lauren Lerch said...

I picked up some Brewery Ommegang Rosetta at the Avenues liquor store today!