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Friday, September 29, 2017

New Beer and Brewery Friday 9/29/17

Oh, Happy day! Not only is it New Beer Friday but it's also New Brewery Friday! Kiitos Brewing finally has beer available for you today. They will debut with three beers; a pale ale, amber and blonde ale. Look for some higher gravity beers towards the end of the year. Congrats guys on helping to make a better brewtah!

Epic Barrel Aged Barley Wine: The nose has sweet dark fruit and vanilla a bit of bourbon. The taste Is very pleasant, with toffee along with vanilla and a hint of raisin. Bourbon wraps it all up  with a minimal amount of piney bitterness. Quite tasty. 12% ABV. Available at Epic SLC/Sugar House

Uinta Barrel Aged Dubhe: The aroma is boozy bourbon with vanilla, chocolate and piney hops. The tastes is dark chocolate, vanilla, toffee like malt and big whiskey running throughout. This is defiantly not the Dubhe your familiar with. Aged six months in Buffalo Trace barrels. It says, 9.3% on the label but tastes much bigger. Available at Uinta starting today - two bottle limit.

Uinta Grapefruit Hop Nosh: A big fresh grapefruit nose. The taste starts with a sweet backdrop of malt with added grapefruit puree, grapefruit rind and hop derived grapefruit flavors playing off one another. The interactions of the various grapefruit elements make this a very tasty beer. A little less pithy than it's tangerine brother. 7.3% ABV. Available at Uinta today.

Kiitos Amber Ale: The aroma has some light hints of caramel. The taste is toasty and brings back the caramel really strong while adding a decent yet subtle flavoring of hops. A very nice crisp aftertaste adds to this. The palate is about a light to medium with nothing harsh on the tongue, and is very sessionable and clean. 4.0% ABV. Should be popping up at some of the better beer bars around town and will be in Harmons and Maverik stores by Oct 3rd.

Kiitos Blonde Ale: Clear golden color, with a decent white head that fades into a thin ring. Malt forward on the nose. Quite a bit of sweetness, with a light body and an almost leafy dryness and a touch of pleasant, spicy hop bitterness on the finish. Should be popping up at some of the better beer bars around town and will be in Harmons and Maverik stores by Oct 3rd.

Kiitos Pale Ale: Pours orange amber. The aroma is subtle and sweet of floral and pine notes. The taste is malt forward but light as expected from a session pale ale. The hops primarily shine at the end creating a toasty pine finish. The mouthfeel Feel is unsticky and crisp. 4.0% ABV. Available at Liberty Taphouse and Big Willy's.

Strap Tank LopLop: I've not tried this one yet, it's described as a more full-bodied than version of their Sgt. Holtz Stout. The play of Belgian yeast and specialty malt brings forth notes of fig-like sweetness, vanilla, cherry and smoke. Named after avant-garde painter Max Ernst's. 4.0% ABV. Available at Strap Tank.

Boulevard Love Child #8: I haven't had this one yet either. This is always a great wild ale that changes a little bit every year. It's generally quite tart and on the high side alcohol wise. I saw it a Beer Bar. 8.2% ABV.

Don't forget that you have the 4th West Oktoberfest this Saturday and Sunday. It's hosted by Red rock Brewing and Mountain West Hard Cider. Also, happening Saturday is the 5th Annual Boho Fest. Both will be offering food and music along with great German beers and cider.


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