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Friday, September 07, 2018

New Beer Friday 9/7/18

Happy New Beer Friday! We're IPA heavy this week and the options pretty much run the gambit in regards to the style, this should make most of you very happy. Have a great weekend and don't forget to check out New Beer Friday on KBER101 with Mick and Allen later today at 3:30.

Kiitos Brut IPA: The nose is simple and fresh with citrus peel and waves of lemon and lime, backed up by honeydew melon. The flavor boasts with light grain sweetness and a hint of toast. From here the hops dominate adding a twang a various zests that carry on to the end. It finishes very dry and spritzy. 6.1%. Available at Kiitos, Beer Bar

SaltFire Citra Singularity: Dank orange citrus pith, has earthy and musky undertones with brighter points of tangy juice. Medium mouthfeel, smooth with a slowly gripping bitterness. Moderate sweetness and soft carbonation. Very nice. 7.3%. Available at Saltfire.

2 Row Constant Haze: Starts with big chewy tropical flavors along with a fair amount of sticky malts. This is definitely a full bodied IPA. As you work your way into the back end of the beer yuo get  more mango flavors along with a descent blast of citrus peel and pith. Noticeable alcohol in the finish. 10.5%. Available at 2 Row and most of your favorite better beer pubs.

Squatters Bike Week Amber: Smells of caramel and bready malts with some floral hops. The taste starts with more bready and toasty malts along with faint caramel that adds a bit of sweetness. Back end is toasty with a honey and a floral hop bitterness. light body. Solid all around. 4.0%. Available at Squatters and West Side Tavern.

Odell Cloud Catcher IPA: This "milkshake" IPA has lactic sugars added to give it that creamy sweetness. It has all the elements of a New England IPA. a big hop profile featuring grapefruit rind and mango. A lot of malt and tropical fruitiness in the end. Medium body with a finish that is lightly bitter. Not bad. 6.8%. Available at many of your favorite beer pubs.

Odell Oktoberfest: The aroma is full of caramel malt, spicy hops and a hint of rye. Tastes of big  caramel and wheat malt with some vanilla and hint of nuttiness. The hop profile is low but noticable with some grassy/spicy hops. This a a pretty solid Marzen/Oktoberfest that hits all of the marks.6.1%. Available at many of your favorite beer pubs.


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