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Friday, October 26, 2018

New Beer/Brewery Friday 10/26/18

It seems like it's only been a week since we had a New Beer/Brewery Friday - because it has. Policy Kings' brief 10 day reign as the new guys is already over as the T.F. (Templin Family) Brewing Co. officially debuts today. Congrats to the Templin Family on making their dream a reality!

TF Brewing - Zitrone Wheat Ale: Pours straw yellow with aromas of floral hops and bread. The taste starts with malt and cereal, then it transitions to some subtle floral bitterness. Towards the end you get a some earthy flavor. Smooth and crisp; a nice wheat ale.4.0% Available at T.F. Brewing.

TF Brewing - Granary Kellerbier: Gold in color with orange highlights from the lack of filtering. The nose has creamy cereal-like malt, hints of wheat bread and fresh grassy herbs. The taste starts with floral hops, and whole grains. The flavors evolve into fresh biscuit while herbal-grassy hops build towards the end. The finish is creamy with some caramelized malt and a hint of sodium from the gas. So tasty! 4.0% Available at T.F. Brewing.

TF Brewing - Ethereal Leichte Weisse: hazy gold with a fluffy white head. Aroma mostly of wheat with some banana spice, and citrus as well. The taste starts with a nice balance of  wheat and yeast; with notes of banana, but also some orange and a little clove. This is nice play on the style and having it super fresh made it that much better. 4.0% Available at T.F. Brewing.

TF Brewing - American Avenue Pale Ale: Pours asemi-hazy orange color with a nose of adequate has floral and citrus. The flavor starts with bread and biscuit followed by a balanced citrusy hop character that complements the malt well. The mouthfeel is medium/light bodied, smooth, and well carbonated.
This is a nicely balanced, drinkable, enjoyable beer. The malt character is solid and the hops are intense and complementary. 4.0% Available at T.F. Brewing.

TF Brewing  - My Son Nitro Oat Porter: Dark brown, almost black with chestnut highlights with a beautiful khaki nitro foam cap. Aromas of chocolate, coffee and some toffee. Flavors are chocolate forward, both milk and bittersweet, with a jolt of bitter roasted coffee, crème and roasted grains throughout. A dry, light body keeps the drinkability sky high. The finish is smooth and dry. A solid nitro porter. 4.0% Available at T.F. Brewing.

TF Brewing - Ferda Double IPA: The only "high point" brew to debut at T.F. this week. It has a nice amber color with orage highlights and an aroma packed with floral, citrus, and berry notes. Well-balanced flavors, melding light cereal grains and strong yet restrained hop bitterness; low-key alcohol presence. Smooth, warm and toasty mouthfeel; fair amount of residual sugars yet not cloying.
A well-rounded DIPA bringing on lots of balanced flavors in the finish. 8.2% Available at T.F. Brewing.

Also today: Epic Brewing Company is having a party to re-launch their former "tapless taproom" and debut a new look for their core Utah brands. The brewery's pub was once only able to sit a mere six people which made it near impossible to get in on a busy day. Seating now has more than quadrupled and a line of taps should be in shortly.

2nd Tracks Sports will be set up outside today, offering ski tunings and a gear sale to get you ready for the ski season. Social Axe Throwing will also be set up on site to axe the old labels. Guests will have a chance to win prizes by throwing axes at the old bottle labels. The party starts at 6pm at the SLC brewery. Hope to see you there!


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