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Friday, August 16, 2019

New Beer Friday 8/16/19

Sorry I missed you last week, but even super beer nerds deserve a vacation. Well, it looks like I'm going to pay for it this week, because there plenty of new suds to get into. As I mentioned the other day, Alaskan beer are headed this way; umm, they're here. Happy New Beer Friday!

Shades - Hogs Head Reserve Gin Barrel Belgian Strong: The name pretty much says it all. This beer has a pungent gin aroma that very cocktail like. The taste is more subtle with light juniper berries and spuce. The barrel backs a stong beer that full of sugary malt sweetness and bubble gum. This beer come with a hamer as the ABV is not listed. Somewhere in the 10% neighborhood. Available at Shades.

Shades - Kviek Pink Tart: When I see "hibiscus" on the label It's a pretty sure bet that it going to dominate the beer. In this case that isn't exactly true. While it's there it's not the whole show nice tart cherry also interacts with the tart base creating a nice blend of botanical and cherry. 6.5% - Available at Shades.  

TF Brewing - Beechwood Rauchbier: Don't like smoke beers? This one could change your mind. The base here mostly has flavors of light caramelized sugar with hints of cocoa. The smoke element while strong in the aroma is pretty subtle on the tongue and is more accent that star. 4.0% - Available at TF Brewing.

TF Brewing - Big Oh: This new pale ale salutes those Chico inspired pale ales of the late 90's and early 2000's. This is mostly Cascade hop driven with just skosh of Mosaic. The result is a mostly pine driven pale with some orange peel accents. Damn drinkable at 4.0%. Available at TF Brewing.

Level Crossing - Das Lehering: Missed this one. described as a fruity lager. 4.0% - at Level Crossing.

Roosters Shoreline Red Ale: Sorry, I missed this one. 7.0% - Available at Roosters, Bayou

Alaskan - Amber: Caramel, hints of cocoa and fruity malts combined with a pleasant citrus hop bitterness. A great example of an amber ale. 5.3%. Available at Beer Bar, Dick n' Dixie's

Alaskan - Kolsch: Smells of bread and malt and the same on the tongue with a touch of sweetness.Very nice Kolsch. 5.3% - Available at Beer Bar, Dick n' Dixie's

Alaskan -  Husky IPA: Very tropical with orange, a little grapefruit pith and a sweet element like mango and melon. Moderately bitter and some pepper shows up as well. 7.0% - Available at Beer Bar, Dick n' Dixie's

Alaskan - White: Aroma of coriander and orange peel. Taste is full of spice, dominated coriander with nice citrus flavors. The elements are all quite clean and play across the palate. 5.3% - Available at Beer Bar, Dick n' Dixie's

Cigar City - Maduro: The aroma is very bready and malty, with some earthy undertones. Light smoke with mild notes of caramel and brown sugar, along with toasted nuts, coffee, and the faintest hint of chocolate. 5.5% Available at DABC.

Silver Moon - F* Cancer: New to our market; Silver Moon donates a portion of this beers sales for cancer research. Aromas of light citrus; lemon; floral and berries. Clean tasting IPA that has spicy fruity and pine bitterness. 6.0% This will debut at the Utah Beer Festival this weekend.

Lagunitas - A Lil' Sump'n Hazy: The nose has mild citrus fruits like oranges, tangerines and mango. The taste follows with a bitter grapefruit and mango that carry through to the finish. This is actually quite refreshing for a "hazy" IPA. 7.2%. DABC

Couldn't get to these. I'm only one man!

Road House - West Side IPA: 7.5% - at DABC

Road House - Family Vacation: 4.9% - at DABC

Road House - Mountain Jam Vol 4: 6.2% - at DABC

Great Divide - Chocolate Cherry Yeti: 9.5% - at DABC

Ommegang - 3 Philosophers Wine Barrel Aged: 9.3% - Found at The Bayou

Ommegang - Saison Rose': 7.7% - Found at The Bayou

Boulevard - Smooth Fuzz: Missed this apricot sour. - 8.0% - Found at The Bayou

On top of all of this - the Utah Beer Festival hits this Saturday and Sunday. Look for 200 damn beers from local and national brands. Many new beers to the market will be debuting here, if you want to get all of those new beer ticks in, I'd head to the State Fairgrounds this weekend.  Need Ticket? All the info is here.


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