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Friday, October 11, 2019

New Beer Friday 10/11/19

New Beer Friday may not be the biggest thing in your life, but for some of us, it's a strong third and for that we're pretty damn thankful.

2 Row - Boysenberry Sour: Tart lemon/lime base with a generous dose of boysenberry. 2 Row always manages to create fruity sours that don't skimp on fruit. 6.1% - Available at 2 Row.

Avenues Proper - Where the Wild Hops Are: They're referring to this new ale as an Autumn Ale. The base beer is Proper's Best Bitter. Hops were foraged from the mountains near Wanship, Utah. Boiled and dry hopped with the wild hops. Smooth, rich, earthy, stone fruit.

Level Crossing - Look-Up Amber: Aroma is toasted malts, thin caramel with a small dose of floral hops. Taste is slightly a slightly more robust version of their 4.0% Amber Ale - with more hop character emerging in the finish. 5.0% Available at Level Crossing.

Level Crossing - In the Pines: Citrus filled aroma. Initial taste is very mild. Light-moderate bittering with moderately juicy - citrus, orange and pineapple. Certainly tropical. 5.0% Available at Level Crossing.

Fisher - Best Fresh: This wet hopped pale ale was made with 100 lbs. of fresh Idaho 7 hops. All hops were added post boil; giving the beer a grassy citrus quality with a good dose of hop bitterness in the finish. Nice beer. 4.0% - Available at Fisher.

Fisher - Chandler’s Backyard: This pale ale was hopped from the bines in "Chandler's" back yard. I belive they said, Chinook and Cascade? Thanks for the Hops Chandler! 4.0% - Available at Fisher.

Fisher - Fist Full of Aces: This pale ale was hopped with Sorachi Ace. this hop has a slight lemony profile which comes though in the body of the beer. It's not tart just subtle lemon. 4.0% - Available at Fisher.

Fisher- (IM) Peach Sour: This one definatly has a tart lemon base with peach that is detectable and not completely over powered with the base beer's tartness. 4.0% - Available at Fisher.

Wasatch Barrel Aged Polygamy Porter (High West)
: Last year's version of the beer was aged in  Heavenly Hills Bourbon barrels. This year we get our whiskey: High West. This version offers a tad more bourbon and rye components with all of that wonderful chocolaty good you expect. A nice blend. 9.5% - Available at all Wasatch locations.

Dre Fontaine Ode Geuze: This geuze is dusty dry with sharp & tart lemon, poppy seed and oak  tanins. It has all of the classic gueuze characteristics. Puckering finish. 6.0% - Found at Beer Bar

Dre Fontaine Cuvée Armand Gaston: The nose is acidic with Smarties, apples and hay. There is also a light funk. The taste is dry and tart with more hints of apple, lemon and hay. The finish is clean lip smacking, making it easy to quaff. 6.5% - Found at Beer Bar.

Jolly Pumpkin/Monkish - Problem No Problem: This saison was brewed with raw sugar, green lentils, sweet and bitter orange peel, and a funky homemade curry spice blend (cumin, ginger, mustard seed, peppercorns, coriander, and fenugreek).  Aromas of brown sugar, oak, and funk in the nose. Tastes of oak, maple syrup, and just a hint of spices pairs well with the subtle funk, and light tartness. 7.6% - Found at the Bayou. Cheers!

Ninkasi - Dry Skies: This brut IPA smells of cracker malt with floral hops and citrus hops. The taste is mostly bitter piney hops with a modest backing of cracker malts. The finish is crisp and dry, but given the style could be drier. 6.8% - Found at Bayou

Green Flash Tropical DNA: Missed this one. 7.0% Available at DABC

Wild Ride - Nut Crusher: This peanut butter porter is mostly chocolate and caramel complimented by the addition of creamy peanut butter flavor. Think: Reese's Peanut Butter cups. 6.0% - Found at the Bayou.

Pipeworks - Ninja vs Unicorn: Missed this one. It's supposed to be big and dank with 5lbs of hops per barrel. 8.0% - Found at the Bayou.

Pipeworks - Lizard King: Flavors of Stone fruit, orange and caramel start you off with strawberry and melon accents rounding it out. malt profile is caramel-y and round. 6.0% - Found at the Bayou.

The Bayou also got a bunch of exclusive beers for those of you that prefer a European twist.  I haven't had a chance to try any of these. 

Brouwerij Alvinee - Sour'ire De Mort

Brouwerij Alvinee - Cuvée Freddy (Sofie Edition)

Birrificio - Loverbeer Bruga

Birrificio - Loverbeer Nebiulina

Dulle - Teve Beer

Bayerischher - Bahnhof Leipziger Gose

Baladin - Xyauyu Barrel Aged '13



Zvakec said...

I found Ninkasi Dry Skies at Tooele DABC two weeks ago.

Since it has made it out to Tooele, I would think it is available at most DABC locations along the Wasatch Front.

Unknown said...

Thanks for doing recon, Zvakec! Much appreciated.