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Friday, October 04, 2019

New Beer Friday 10/4/19

I had to get all of my homework done before I left for the great American Beer Festival this week; hope I didn't miss anything. Have an excellent weekend!

Roosters - Cosmic Autumn Rebellion: Pumpkin spice aroma with cocoa. The taste is pumpkin spices dough and chocolates. Reminds me very much of those chocolate chip pumpkin cookies.

Epic - Oak & Orchard Tiki: Big funk & wood in the nose. The taste starts with pineapple & orange then quickly transitions into almond. The nuttiness sticks around to the finish.

Epic - Sour Brainless on Guava & Habanero: Barrel aged sour with a nice guava fruitiness. Habanero is subtle and it comes off more scratchy than hot. Nice sour.

RoHa - Plum Sour: There’s definitely brett in the nose. Taste confirms it! Some lacto sour in it too. Plum tartness is prominent. Nice beer. 4.0% - only at  RoHa.

Kiitos - Peach Milkshake: Peach for sure, but not in your face. Tartness and lactose are pretty low. It has a nice round - light flavor. 4.0% - only at Kiitos.

Kiitos - Pastry Stout: Missed this one. Look for a good dose of chocolate and vanilla in this one. Available only at Kiitos. 13.0% - Available only at Kiitos.

Kiitos - 2nd Anniversary Ale: This beer is a blend of a mix of select barrel aged Imperial Red, Barley Wine and Imperial Stouts. 11.2% - Available only at Kiitos.

Kiitos - Sahti: This an old Finnish style of beer. This is made with rye and juniper branches - yes, juniper branches. It was also fermented with Kveik yeast. There's some nutty rye and a woody quality here. Hops are low and pine-like; barely detectable. 4.0% - Only at  Kiitos.

Hopkins - The Basic Witch: Pumpkin Pie Chocolate Stout! Made with actual pumpkin pies. Thick and layered with spices, roasty malty notes, and lightly sweet dark chocolate finish. 4.0% - Available at Hopkins.

Hopkins - Egyptian SMaSH: This is 100% purple heirloom barley from Egypt. Hopkins used only the purple barley and cascade hops to showcase the flavor of the malt. Flavors of stonefruit dominate, with peach. 4.0% - Available at Hopkins.

Hopkins - Mint Chocolate Chip Blonde: Fresh mint in the aroma and flavor with a subtle chocolate finish. 4.0% - Only at Hopkins. 

Shades - Kveik Passion Fruit: Missed this one. If you're into their Kveik beers you have a good idea of what to expect here.

Level Crossing - Look Up Amber Ale: Missed this one. 5.0% - Available at Level Crossing.

Ritual - Oil Rig: Missed this double IPA. Found at Beerhive.

Crazy Mountain - Shane McConkey: Missed this IPA. Found at DABC.


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