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Monday, March 16, 2020

Support Your Locals, However You Can

The world got very different over the weekend. All of a sudden, shit is upside down and human social interactions are massively frowned upon. Those of us who have looked to Utah's hospitality industry for a brief respite in our lives, are finding curb service instead or in some cases closed doors all together.

In this tiny corner of the internet, we keep the news and discussion to Utah's beer industry. It's all been going pretty well as of late; breweries are booming, selection is up and interest is at an all time high.

While you are cloistered over the next couple of weeks, please take the time to hit up the local beer section of your grocery stores and visit brewery stores, when and if it's deemed appropriate. If you're favorite restaurant or pub is temporarily shuttered, keep in touch with them over social media to reassure them that they are missed, and of you eagerness to return.

As news pertaining to the local hospitality scene evolves, we'll spread the word of the modified hours and closures over our social media to help you plan you lives and garner support. Stay safe and thirsty and as always, cheers!   

1 comment:

kent said...

Looks like this just got more difficult. No dine in at bars or restaurants in Salt Lake County.