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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Beer in the Beerhive

If you live in Utah and love beer, you know that the states breweries and brew pubs offer-up some pretty yummy barley beverages. Most people will trace the states brewing heritage to the late eighties and some may even take you back to the forties and fifties. But take it back a hundred-plus-years and you'll find that beer didn't just flow, but flowed in rivers. Salt Lake City of course had a fair number of breweries off and on since the area was settled. But smaller, less populated areas like Ogden, Manti, Logan, Alta and Parleys Canyon had also set up proper breweries to take care of the rest Utah's beer starved populace. I always knew beer had been in Utah since the Mormons brought it with them from the mid-west. But I had no idea how many breweries actually existed in the state, until long time local beer advocate Del Vance Published his book Beer in the Beehive last December. If your from Utah or live outside of the state this book is a must read. From Brigham Young's own whiskey distillery to myths and misnomers. This book is a great read. It'a available at most local book stores and brewpubs and also on Amazon.com.

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