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Friday, February 23, 2007

This Inversion, I Like!!!

I just scored a sixer of Deschutes new IPA, Inversion. I'm not sure if this one is meant to replace the Quail Springs label or what, but I'm definitely dig'n it.

It pours a bubbly, light amber color with a finger of frothy head. The nose is strong with pine and grapefruit resins with bearly noticeable maltiness beneath. The taste starts with a hop assault up front with a nice, toasty carmel backbone. the finish is bitter and dry. It's nicely overbalance. Not astringent at all. It's what IPA lover want in an ale. Full of flavor over-balanced, and bitter. An excellent brew. Much more appealing than the more balanced Quail Springs. I wish Deschutes was available in town. It would be a staple in my fridge at home.

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Bubba said...

I havn't had the pleasure of trying Inversion yet.But all other Deschutes beers I've tried have been great!!