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Monday, February 19, 2007

Sensory Overload is a Good Thing

If your one who enjoys his or hers suds, you know that beer, like wine is best when served in it's specifically designed glassware. Every styles has it's own glass and the styles have been around for many years. Recently, The Boston Beer Company began recruiting "world-renowned sensory experts" to work on the design of a glass that would "helps sustain the head of the beer, which enhances the release of signature Noble hop aromas found in Samuel Adams Boston Lager," a company spokesman said. "We wanted to create a glass that offers beer lovers a full sensory experience by fully showcasing Samuel Adams Boston Lager's complex balance of malt and hop flavors." This new glass will be available as a set of four, for purchase this march on the Samuel Adams website. I think this is a stunning piece of glassware, I'm defiantly gonna pony-up some cash for a set.

1 comment:

Rocky said...

I think it's ugly. Looks like another gimick to me.