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Monday, February 19, 2007

She's Popin' Cherries

Mmmm. Good beer things be happening this month. Jenny "Queen of Beers" Talley of Squatters fame, has a new seasonal in the fermenter right now that she's dubbed "Cherry Luv". Cherry Luv is a Flanders brown ale. The styles' name makes you think Irish Ale but it's actually a Belgium Ale from the its Flemish region. Jenny describes her newest ale as medium bodied, reddish-brown in appearance, with a gentle malty flavor and no hop bitterness. The aroma is a complex mixture of fruits and estery smells of plums, raisins and cherry. She used both brettanomyces yeast and red tart cherries in fermentation to create an authentic sour Belgian farmhouse ale with cherry accents. It is definitely a beer for the true enthusiast and one who loves a "Rodenbach" style ale. Jenny will also be coming out with Squatter's first Certified Organic Amber in about two weeks. These styles don't wrear their heads much, so get your ass down there and have a goblet or two.

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