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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ava Lee Belgium Style Triple (review)

Last month I mentioned that Squatters had released a one-time-only Belgium style triple. This month I have to say "get out and try it before it goes." It really is quite tasty, and you'll be a sad, sad lil' beer geek if you never get to try it.

Poured a clear golden orange with a finger of white foam. The nose was yeasty and fruity with apple bready malts and hint of orange. The taste started with apple and mango. Next comes dry banana notes with some biscuit notes. The end was tart, spicy and dry. Carbonation was moderate. Nicely complex, not as sweet as I was expecting. It’s 9.0% abv is well hidden. Looks like Squatters has another winner.


Mykonos said...

Love your blog and I'm hoping you can answer a few questions for me.

Whenever I travel (I'm coming out to SLC) I like to try local brews and that Squatters Ava Lee looks like a winner. Since it's 9.0 APV I can't get it at any of the Squatter's Brew Pubs or the Beer Co-op..right? Anything over 4.0 has to be purchased at a State Liquor Store...correct? I guess my question is: Where can I get it?

And you say the Wine store on 3rd has the best beer selection? That would be great because my wife wants wine and I want beer--one stop shopping.

Mikey said...

Thanks for the kind words Mykonos. The Ava Lee Triple is only available at Squatters Pub downtown & in Park City. Yeah, the wine store has got a decent beer selection. But some people have been posting that the store on Foothill blvd has an even better selection. Not sure of the address for that one. If a brewpub brews a high abv beer they will carry it in their places as long as they have the proper licience. Which they obviously would. Hope that helps?

Mykonos said...

Thanks for the help...those liquor laws (and the way the state hides info on their liquor stores) has me scanning the web for help. Can I buy beers such as the Ava Lee to go? Or, can you only buy and drink it there? Another dumb question...do they have outdoor seating? We're bringing our dog so we need someplace to eat outside since we can't leave her alone...any favorite spots?

Coming originally from Wisconsin and now living in Brooklyn I have to say (and I know this is a misperception) that if I'm going to pack on
the calories I want an APV higher than 4 per beer. Any suggestions on the good regional brews I should look for at the liquor stores? I'm
sure I'll pick up other "lighter" stuff too just to experience it...any favorites on that end?

What about the downtown liquor store on 2nd near Pioneer Park? Does the wine store have a better selection than that store? I'll do a
search on the Foothill Blvd store to find that one.

Anonymous said...

Dont' worry too much about the State stores, if you want local beers any store will have two good local beers 1) Uinta BW 10.5% 2) Devastator 8%. In Squatters you have to order some food and then you drink the beer there only. No take out for Ava Lee. I'd say try the Uinta Barley Wine and perhaps even visit the Bayou on state street. Mikey might buy you a beer since he has an office there!

Ed said...

The wine store has kind of a small beer section, but what they do have is all "good beer", by which I mean: no shelf space taken up by Corona Light Extra Light, forty-dogs of malt liquor, etc..