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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Writing a beer blog is a lonely pastime. My days mostly consist of sitting in my refrigerator box beneath the Fourth south overpass. Scratching notes onto a used bar nap with my fist full of yellow crayons(regular, not Perma); Doing all I can to spew-forth all that is good for the inter mountain beer faithful. Thankfully this month I'm not alone. Angela Brown editor extraordinaire at SLUG(Salt Lake Underground) Magazine decided to pull her box up next to mine a publish Slug's first ever beer only issue. "The Beer Issue" consists of everything a beer lover could want to navigate they're way through "green jello'd" hued landscape that is Utah.
From reviews to brewers insights to rants from yours truly, It's a must read. Available throughout the month of June in the along the Wasatch Front as well at Slugmag.com

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Man - Don't think I've spent this much time with one issue of Slug since I was a bored high school kid. Guess I should buy Angela a beer next time I see her - although she seems to get comped at every bar in town anyway...