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Friday, June 13, 2008


19 Medals! That's what Utah's suds-meisters managed to compile at this years Mountain Brewers Festival in Idaho Falls, Idaho. From Smoke to Root Beer, our brewers dun-did-us-prowd! Here's a list of the local winners and a link to all medalist. Congrats to all!

Bronze: Bohemian Brewery - Czech Helles.
Gold: Desert Edge Brewery - Anniversary Amber.
Gold: Hoppers Grill & Brewing Company - This is the Pilsner.
Silver: Moab Brewery - Scopian Pale Ale.
Bronze: Moab Brewery - Merrimack.
Gold: RedRock Brewing Co. - Bamberg Rauch Bier.
Silver: Red Rock Brewing Co. - German Pilsner.
Bronze: Red Rock Brewing Co. - Bohemian Pilsner.
Bronze: Ruby River Steakhouse and Brewery - Ruby's Root Beer.
Bronze: Four Plus Brewing Co - Monkshine.
Gold: Uinta Brewing Company- Kings Peak.
Gold: Uinta Brewing Company- Blue Sky Pilsener.
Bronze: Uinta Brewing Company - Solstice Kolsch.
Bronze: Uinta Brewing Company - Bristlecone Brown Ale.
Gold: Wasatch (Utah Brewers Cooperative) - Squatter's Hefeweizen.
Silver: Wasatch (Utah Brewers Cooperative) - Wasatch Evolution Amber Ale (Irish Red).
Silver: Wasatch (Utah Brewers Cooperative) - Wasatch Polygamy Porter.
Bronze: Wasatch (Utah Brewers Cooperative) - Squatter's Organic Amber Ale.
Bronze: Wasatch Brew Pub - Polygamy Porter.

Rodney Scores a bottle of Grand Tetons' Double Wheat Utahns represented a good portion of the crowd


nutherbit said...

LOVE your blog - how refreshing! (Literally and figuratively)

We are beer fans from way back - and struggling here since our move to Utah...

I've sited you as one of my favorite blogs on our own Utah (SLC) blog, but am happy to remove if you say....

Anonymous said...

Rodney is a friggin' tool!

Mikey said...

Oh cool! You know him!