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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More Epic News

Here's some more EPIC Brewing news for y'all.

To coincide with American Craft Beer Week, Epic will open it's bottle shop at the new brewery on May 17.

On that date Epic will debut with 9 different artisan beers labels. Sold cold in 22 ounce bottles at the brewery and various bars and restaurants around the state.

EPIC's series will be broken down into three tiers: Classic, Elevated and Exponential.

The Classic Series is EPIC’s line of consistent American-style craft beers. These are the standard labels and will not change.

The Elevated Series consists of unique recipes that will vary from batch to batch and season to season. Limited in quantity, each release will be numbered. Detailed batch information and brewers notes will eventually be found the brewery’s website.

The top level of EPIC beer is the Exponential Series. These are the "wild card" beers. Expect beers that cutting edge, selective and highly creative.

I've mentioned this before, but it's worth repeating. All of EPIC's beers will exceed 4.0% ABV. A first in Utah since prior to prohibition.



Ricky H. said...

I can't wait!

Craig said...

Looking forward to opening day!

kent said...

Excellent! Ready and waiting.

Brannie said...

Awesome - I'm very excited! I do hope they eventually start doing 12oz bottles for their 'everyday' stock and not just stick to the bombers for everything.

Mikey said...

Agreed. I know bombers are easier, as far as bottleing goes. But 12's are better for drinking. Especially when dealing with high abv beers.

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Sounds great. I am hoping they don't go the Squatters route with their seasonal and special edition brews and charge over 15 bucks a bottle.

Anonymous said...

How dare Squatters make an unusual style with multiple cultures, age it in oak in house for a year and a half, blend to perfection, hand bottle, bottle condition, and then dare -DARE I say- charge more than 15 dollars a bottle!!!!!111!!

Mark said...

Agreed. I will never understand those people who bitch about an expensive bottle of beer but have not problem with a more expensive bottle of wine.

Also, don't forget that the state sells all their beer to consumers and bars/restaurants at 1.7516 times their cost.

Now I'm not sure how that works for Squatters selling via their package license but I will tell you that for the rest of us it is a killer.

kent said...

Agreed as well. I had a discussion with a guy at Squatters who commented that he'd never pay for a 529. My response: well more for me.

Like I stated on the forum, I'd much rather pay $20 for a nice bottle of beer than 3 or 4 dollars for several somethings I'm not going to get the same enjoyment out of.

They're also a great way to introduce people to new and different styles that they likely had no knowledge of. You split a bottle and if they like it grab another, if not well it's all yours.

Anonymous said...

For one off, barrel aged and experimental beers it makes sense to charge a bit more. Brewing and storing these costs money. But if we're talking about regular base beers I hope that they can be sold for 6-8$ for a 22 ounce (or less). Pliny the Elder is 5$, Full Sail's bombers are about 4$ for the regular seasonals. Most of Utah's 12 ouncers are less than 2$. So why are 22 ounce bombers 15$?

Anonymous said...

wow, I had no idea that Hell's Keep was aged in oak for a year...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, good point, it isn,t! Aged in stainless though, sheesh! and "multiple cultres"? hahaha! 529 is not the number of "cultures" used.
How about $ 79.99? you greedy bastards, it's getting to the point brewers can't even afford beer, good thing you can make the same stuff at home for a fraction of the price!
Bombers, if not aged should not cost 15 bucks!

thebeerbaron said...

Hey, it's a free country; no one is making you pour any type of beer down your gullet. If you don't think Hell's Keep is worth it, get some of that there Vesuvius, which is about 1/10th as good, and save a few bucks.
And if you think you can make a comparable version at home, do it up! We can have a little tasting and see just how close you came...