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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rooster's 15 - Deschutes 10

In 1890 a building was erected that has housed everything from Chinese laundries to a brothel. 119 years later that same building is home to Ogden's most popular Brewpub.

Roosters is celebrating 15 years in it's historic 25th street building with a special menu and three anniversary brews.

Along with the brews you can purchase a 15 year commemorative pint glasses and fill it
with one of our anniversary brews for only $2.50.

The specials are available at both the Ogden and Layton Brewpubs.
In other beer news, Deschutes' Jubel has arrived and is at the Bayou & Beerhive. 2010 marks only the second time they have ever bottled this rare libation. The first and only other time this special brew was bottled was to celebrate the new millennium as Jubel 2000.

Jubel is based on Deschutes' winter seasonal, Jubelale. This one is aged in Oregon Pinot wine barrels and has a much bigger alcohol content. Jubel 2010 is a once-a-decade experience that may not be made again until 2020. I don't know about you, but I can't wait that long.



Mark said...

Our Jubel 2010 should be in on todays order as well.

Mikey said...

Mark means the Bayou will have the 2010 Jubel in today :)