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Thursday, April 01, 2010

The Utah Beer Forum

Starting today We've created a new forum to complement the Utah Beer Blog.

The Utah Beer Forum is designed to help everyone in Utah's craft beer community communicate more easily. The more input from you the better it will work.

The URL is http://utahbeer.forumotions.com or simply click on the "happy beer Man" to the right.

Feedback on how to make it better is much appreciated!

Enjoy & Cheers!



Carlos said...

Ha! First member to join. This makes me feel special.

Thanks, Mikey, for giving me another way to waste my time at work. Though right now it appears that only Admins can start topics or reply...

Unless I'm missing somethin'.

kent said...

Ha Ha! Second. You're Losati I take it Carlos?

Carlos said...

Yep, that's me.

Mikey said...

Sorry about that. I'll check the settings.

Mikey said...

Ok. All member are now able to post.

Mark said...

Way to post this on 4/1. I was too afraid to click the linky for fear of what I would find. Is this a reverse Aprils Fools. Make us all nervous and then *BAM* it's really a beer forum!