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Friday, April 09, 2010

Please Welcome Shades of Pale Brewing Co.

It seems all the beer news is in Chicago this week with most of our brewers as they attend the Craft Brewers Conference.

The brewers that are left in town seem to be the start up Brewers. Kevin at Epic is churning out beer at a fast clip for an April launch. Now comes word that Sades of Pale passed their last city inspection and is scheduled to begin brewing two pilot batches tonight if all goes well.

Owner/brewer Trent Fargher says he's already confirmed The Canyons Ski resort will put their initial offering on their summer menu in June. It will likely be a nice light low point Belgian Saison with slight orange, coriander, and juniper under tones.

Trent is also experimenting with a Belgian Strong Dark and a Rye Pale Ale as well. Once those are perfected, the plan is to collaborate with Park City Coffee Roasters to do an espresso porter. The guys over at PC coffee are stoked to be putting something together to promote both products.

In addition they are in very - very preliminary talks with High West on some collaboration as well.

Please Congratulate to Trent & Alexandra on Utah's Newest Brewery!



Douglas said...

Awesome! Rye Pale Ale sounds great. I'm getting my liver ready.

Ed said...

Congrats, guys...