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Monday, November 22, 2010

Brainless on Cherries

The experiment continues on. Epic has released their newest barrel aged Beer.

Brainless on Cherries is the latest version of Epic's Belgian Style Triple Ale, which was aged in oak barrels with local cherries.

The first version Brainless on Peaches was a big hit and disappeared from shelves fast. The cherry version won't last either.

The timing is great for beers like these. The Holidays lend themselves well to these over the top, fruit harvest beers.

Brainless on Cherries is described as having big cheery notes with an ABV of 10.3%.

That'll put a hem in the ol' dress!

Available at the Brewhouse. 825s. State Steet, SLC.



kent said...

I'm very excited about this one. I'll be picking some up asap. Anyone try this yet?

Douglas said...

Yes, I had it. I liked it slightly more than the peaches, but both were (mot surprisingly) similar. It was a little more mellow, but both are very nice. I was stunned that the cherries made the beer a bright ruby color.

Mark said...

Have you had the Peach recently? We tasted both at our staff tasting and I was amazed at how much the peach had improved with the aging. I preferred it over the cherry. We took a quick poll and staff was fairly evenly split between the two.

I liked the cherry but found it a bit mellow as well. I think that it could develop some additional complexity with bottle aging as well.

Douglas said...

No, I only had it once. I sent about 7 bottles of the Peaches out in trades though! I expect both of those to cellar well. I'll have to cellar a few of both. I'd love to see the Imperial Stout!

kent said...

I picked this up and it's very good. Echoing Mark and Doug it's very mellow. Which is a bit surprising given it's color. Speaking of which it's gorgeous. I'm going to let some of this site for a while and see how it ages.

Oh Epic was also putting their Imp stout in the cooler when I was there. I didn't grab any yet but you might give it a try.