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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Big Things in Moab

Last week we told you about Epic Brewing and their plans to expand their very new brewery by 3000 square feet. The fact that they need to do this speaks volumes about the need for good craft beer in Utah.

Epic isn't alone most of the major local beer makers who distribute their beers outside of their establishments have greatly increased their production schedules and their real estate.

The Utah Brewers Cooperative, Uinta Brewing, RedRock Brewing, Bohemian Brewing and Desert Edge Brewing have all expanded their operations over the past year to meet the increasing demand for their products.

And the Utah beer-boom phenomena isn't just isolated to the Wasatch Front. Moab Brewing has announced a 5000 square foot expansion of their Moab facility beginning in Late December 2010.

The Moab expansion isn't just about meeting increased demand for their beer, it's also about taking back control over their distribution network and bringing the bottling or canning operations back to Utah from Montana.

You may have noticed the word "canning" in that last paragraph. That's right Cans are in Moab's future. So look for Moab's beer in cans this summer.

Not all of Moab's beer will be making the move to aluminum. The Desert Select Series will be growing as well. Look for a hopped up rye beer (RyePA?) and an Export Stout to Join the Black IPA, Scottish Ale and Belgian Style Triple on liquor store shelve.

You may have noticed the words "liquor store shelves" in that last paragraph as well. The Desert Select Series is currently being sold at the brewpub in Moab and will soon be appearing at select liquor stores in the next couple of months.

Since the whole "canning thing" is still in the planning stages there are no plans for what will be in those cans. Here is your opportunity to provide the Moab guys with you opinion on what you'd like to see in them. So, we've put together a poll. It's up top to the right. Don't fuck it up....


Photo: Bryan Serafini


Douglas said...

Good news. I loved the Black IIPA.

Ed said...

I've really only had the Pale, Amber, and Weizen -- so I'm probably not qualified to vote. And anyway, I'd be pretty happy to pack cans of any of those styles out in the desert.

Mikey said...

As far as the Poll goes, it doesn't necessarily have to be something that's currently being produced.

Brian said...

I've been really impressed with the quality of the canned microbrews I've tried over the last few months. I think there will be a revolution over the next 5 years where many good breweries start canning rather than bottling and I'm totally on board!