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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The First SnoAle

Just when you thought that you had reached your local Holiday beer quota for the year, another crazy damn brewer decides to up the ante.

Hoppers Brewmaster and Secret Agent, Donovan Steele has been working on his newest creation for a couple of months now and the results make for a very happy tongue.

Donovan says, for The First SnoAle he wanted to merge the malt flavor and complexity of a French Bier de Garde Noel and accent it with an unspiced, purely yeast driven spiciness similar to a Saison.

By using a blend of French Ale strains it produced some rich malt flavors and a soft drying finish. As this ale warms it becomes more peppery in flavor with the complexity of the more prominent grains. Then comes citrus, fig and a fruitiness.

It also has a good dosing of Belgian candy sugar to fortify the brew. Wheat and raw oats lend a dry crisp finish.

The First SnoAle has an ABV of 8.1% and will be available in 25 oz bottles. It should be available around the second week of December.

Quantities are limited this winter and it will not be made again until next year. Only available at the brewpub.



kent said...

Well this sounds wonderful. I can't wait.

Anonymous said...

and of the better looking seasonal ale labels. looking forward to it