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Monday, January 10, 2011

Beer Buckles

You know we're all about buying local here at Utah Beer. We are also big advocates of keeping your trousers up while your out "bump'n around" in public. So as a public service I have something that meets both criteria while keeping the world a prettier place.

My friend, Dani has a new concept in high (or low) fashion accessories called Beer Buckles. The concept is simple. Dani will create a custom belt buckle from your favorite beer, wine or spirits label for a reasonable charge, all the while you do society the courtesy of keeping your ass-crack in check.

The buckles vary in size and shape and it's recommended that you keep in mind the size of the artwork that you want to use. We don't want you walking around with a Turkey platter latched to your belt, like some kind of cosmic rodeo clown... or do we?

Dani is able to obtain many labels, but if you have a special label that you'd like to sport you can mail it to her.

Right now Beer Buckles is on the Facebook, you know that thing on the Interweb? Or you can get a hold of Dani at beer.buckles@gmail.com. Please help our "Sista in Suds" help you.


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