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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The New Paardebloem is a Dandi

In 2009 RedRock brewing Co and New Belgium Brewing joined forces to create a truly unique beer that was inspired by true old world techniques. This was an old school attempt at making beer without using any hops. Instead Dandelions and other herbs or spices are used for bittering. Hence the name Paardebloem(Flemish for dandelion).

Chris McCombs of New Belgium Brewery. Spent some time in Salt Lake over the Holidays to assist on the creation of the newest batch. This newer version of Paardebloem has all the old world charm with a little something extra. Peaches.

Kevin And Chris acquired 45lbs. of fresh organic peaches to enhance the flavor profile of this news creation. The result is a blond ale brewed with toasted pilsener malt, flavored with fresh picked dandelion greens(50lbs)and grains of paradise.

Paardebloem batch #2 is slightly hazy and light gold in color with peachy/lemony nose. It has a unique floral bitterness with a big malty backbone. There is a touch of sourness along with some nice peppery notes This provides a nice balance for the big spicy/sweetness the ale carries. As the ale warms the toasted grains become more apparent and the sweetness from the ale become a little less pronounced.

The sourness in batch two is less pronounced but Kevin the "Beer Yogi" says, this beer is active with Brettanomyces. The longer you cellar it the more pronounced the unique tartness will become. I.E. get extras for cellaring.

The ABV is at 9.2% and sells out the door for $13.99. Most importantly there are far more bottles of this batch available, 1600 bottles. Only 150 bottle were available the first time around. Paardebloem will be available today(1/19/11) after 5pm. (call first) at RedRock Downtown and will also be at RedRock Junction, The Bayou and Beerhive in the coming days.

RedRock isn't done. Another new bottled release is due out next week. Stay tuned.


photo: Chris McCombs & Kevin Templin


Douglas said...

This is just awesome, I'd somehow missed the first batch. My understanding is that Brett can be active for quite awhile, changing the flavor as it goes on. There have been accidents like the 2009 Abyss and Mirror Mirror that grew sour as the years went on.

Steve said...

Isn't this what I've heard called a "gruit?"

Mikey said...

Yeah, Steve. I guess your right. It could technically be a Gruit.

kent said...

I missed the first batch too Douglas. As such I can't wait for this one.

Anonymous said...

Years ago, I remember they did a 4% version w/ peach juice on draft at the brewpub.

Mike J said...

I only got a little taste of this last time (really liked it). I'm going to pick up a few bottles tomorrow.

kent said...

Damn this is good.
For some reason I was thinking it might be overpowering. It's just a really delicious Belgian. I could drink this all day.

John Tunca said...

where may i sample this nectar of the gods?

Mikey said...

John, it's at RedRock, the Bayou, Beerhive & I think Fidler's Elbow.

Steve said...

Well, I'd tried a gruit years ago at American Flatbread in Burlington, VT. It was very interesting to try, but tough to finish.

Last night I tried Paardebloem. Fantastic! As others have said, a great Belgian. Not at all like the other gruit I'd tried, which is perhaps a reason to avoid that term.

Joe Snow said...

Hey I paired this with Sage's all-you-can-eat pizza. I hope they make more of this. check out my post: