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Friday, January 07, 2011

Root Cellar

If you've never known the joy of a soured beer, your truly missing out. They can be complex, refreshing and sometimes down right puckering.

Sour beers are not only difficult to make properly but they can prove to be a detriment to a brewery's other non-sour products. If the slightest cross contamination were to occur, hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses could be inflicted on a brewey. That's why many local have shy'd away from getting into the sour beer game. Complete segregation is required and not many have the space available.

Odds are if your looking for world class, true cutting edge sour beers, made locally. It's likely you'll find Squatters on the label.

Squatters' next big thing is here and trust me, it not going to disappoint. Root Cellar is a beer anomaly. It defies categorization. It started out as a Strong Ale, then was laid down into Justin Winery's Obtuse Port barrels for 5 months.

Flavors of plum and caramel malt sweetness layer with oak and port to create a wonderful winter warmer. Sourness, developed during aging, brings forth both softness and complexity to this bottle conditioned American Wild Ale. "Brilliant"! is all I can say.

Root Cellar will be released tomorrow (1/8/11) out of Squatters' Bottle Shop for $9.95/750ml bottle. 8.4% abv.

On a sadder note our brother in beer, Ray Madsen was injured yesterday when a grundy tank at the Wasatch Brewpub ruptured on him causing a serious amount of head trauma. Ray is stubborn and is said to be up and about. He's scheduled for surgery sometime today.

Pray, chant, cast spells, smoke something, Drink something.... do what ever you do - to help ensure Ray's quick recovery.



kent said...

Oh wow! I'm so sorry for Ray and his family. He and his wife are both good peoples. If there's anything that's needed please let us know.

As for the Root Cellar. I'm totally psyched about this one. I love all these buggy beers coming from our local folks it's truly inspiring. I think the time has come for a soured Imperial IPA :D Time to subdivided the basement I think. ...I'm trying to imagine what that would taste like.

I love that label by the way.

Douglas said...

Get well Ray! He's tough as nails, so I'm sure Ray will be back to brewing in no time. The Root Cellar will be interesting to try. I don't remember it being too sour, but we shall see with the final bottled product.

Anonymous said...

Just a little FYI, being that Root Cellar is a wild ale it rises up in the neck a bit, so just have your glass near your bottle.

Anonymous said...

Weird,I have had lotsa wild ales that don't foam over....Gusher!

Anonymous said...

Although I haven't met Ray, I have love and respect for all my brothers and sisters in the Utah brewing community. Thoughts and prayers go out to Ray and his family and all his coworkers at Wasatch and the Guild.
I'll be out there in March. Try to save me a bottle of the Root Cellar, will ya? Looking forward to seeing everyone.
James Murphy

Anonymous said...

I opened a very cold Root and 3/4 of the bottle gushed onto the table. I feel jipped.

Anonymous said...

Our intention is never to "jip" anyone. We only ever hope to expose Utah beer consumers to new, fun and innovative styles. We would be more then happy to replace your bottle or your wallet. All you have to do is call me or one of our managers.

FYI, most bottles are opening with no problems at all and we have had great response and sales. Cheers

Joe Snow said...

Just picked up two bottles, the bottle shop was fully stocked with everything 5th element, outer darkness, 529, hell's keep, the manuka beer. awesome.

kent said...

Sitting at the bar and just finished one. It's very good. Reminded me just a little bit of Jolly Pumpkin's Bam Noire. Very well done Jen et al.

Douglas said...

Just opened a Root Cellar, drinking it now. No gushing at all. Certainly sour, rich sour fruitiness, the barrel is very noticeable. Very drinkable. Good. A bit of earthy chocolate and toasted malt old ale still shines through.

Adam Curfew said...

I love this beer. Another beautiful sour beer from Jeni. Seriouslly so happy this beer exists.

Anonymous said...

besides that strange bloody metallic aftertaste, its good.

Mikey said...

Bloody, metalic aftertaste? Are you sure we're talking about the same beer?

Root Cellar is brilliant.

Douglas said...

Yeah, no metal in the Root Cellar by me.

kent said...

Saw the comment and figured I'd better try another last night just to make sure. Definitely no metallic taste to me either.

Diamond Mind said...

Oh man cuckoo for cocoa puffs caramelly sweetness, Followed by a slight acetic ...vinagerry ode to goudenband, followed by all the carmel plum, pit fruit you could want. no foaming but suffused with carbonation none the less. You Jen, are the queen. This is excellent.