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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Locally Made Pairing Options for Your Turkey Day

We have some pairing options for you today. If your like me, there are some foods that end up on your plate that you like more than others. Here are some great locally made beers that go well with nearly everything on your traditional Thanksgiving meal.

We particularly loved Hopper's Bière de Garde called the First SnowAle, which has a nutty caramel flavor that This beer is smooth but a little funky, with hints of sweet fermented apple. It's a little musky and toasty—very nice with food. Pairs well with sweet potatoes along with the crisp caramelized skin from the turkey.

A slightly less funky option for Thanksgiving pairing is a good American amber. We liked how Squatters' Big Cottonwood Amber Ale complemented the earthy flavors in the meal, particularly mushrooms and the stuffing.

Another surprise was Epic's Brainless on Cherries. It's subtle dry cheery sweetness sweetness goes well with the turkey and the stuffing and it is a great substitute for cranberry sauce.

Uinta's Barley Wine also deserves a place at table. This local institution is an intense blend of herbal, citrus and piney flavors with lingering toasted malt. The complex flavors are a great companion for your turkey and stuffing as well.

And finally, as dessert beers go, your favorite pumpkin ale with a slice of plain cheesecake is a great combo. Your favorite stout & cherry pie, as well as a nice roasty porter with your pumpkin pie. RedRock's Saison with apple pie is heaven as well.

Please share your holiday pairing ideas and have a great Thanksgiving Day weekend.



Douglas said...

Too bad we don't get the Alaskan Smoked Porter, a few years ago Eric cracked one of those with Thanksgiving Dinner- it was awesome.

kent said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. May you gorge yourselves...and have some turkey as well. ;)

Ricky H. said...

Brainless on cherries was my pick this year. That and several bottles of wine that me and my grandpa in-law heroicly finished. Good times...