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Friday, September 28, 2012

National Drink a Beer Day

Yup. Would moi lie about something like that? Hell no! Since there is no new beer today, you must take it upon yourselves to enjoy at least one pint and try to convince the nearest Appletini enthusiast to try a beer instead. I'd recommend a Sour Apple Saison from epic or a Unibroue Éphémère to ease them into bliss.

I've always said, "There's a beer style for everyone, just identify what you don't like your beer to taste like and move on from there".

And if you need some extra help with something new?
Epic's Big Bad Baptist returns in all of its coffee/bourbon glory - Deadhorse Amber from Moab has been reborn in cans and Uinta's Wet 'n Wyld makes appearances on tap at Beerhive, Bayou & Brewvies.



kent said...

Well hell I suppose I can make the sacrifice.

And there's nothing wrong with an appletini! They can be very refreshing. Hell I was mowing the lawn with an appletini in hand just the other day.

Mark said...

Kent, pics or it didn't happen. :-)