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Friday, November 09, 2012

Fresh Cask Friday 11/9/12

Well it's snowing like a som' bitch out there, please be careful. After all of your snowy day headaches have subsided, I recommend a little Fresh Cask Friday action at Hoppers tonight. 

This evening at 5pm Secret Agent & Brewmaster Donovan Steele will be tapping one of his firkins & pouring for you a fresh - one of a kind ale. 

Due to the weather, they will only be tapping one firkin instead of the usual two. This means the beer will go fast, so font be too late. 

Tonight we have an Irish Rred Ale hopped with Mt. Hood, US Golding and Cascade.  And to make it even better it's only$2.50 a pint.

Next week he'll tap the second one; same beer, but this one will be loaded with Centennial and Cascade. So mark your calendar. 


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Zach said...

In reference to new beer friday if there are any rogue fans out there. Strangely, there were some 6 packs available of Juniper Pale ale at the Liquor store on murray/holliday blvd, i scooped some up