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Friday, November 16, 2012

New Beer Friday 11/16/12

Normally I try to keep this shit relatively short and concise but this has been a big beer news week and it looks like it's ending that that way too. So here we go.

The following are from the Bayou's Holiday lineup. The Bayou doesn't mess around when it comes to holiday beers, this year is no different. these are their newest, brand new beers in the market from Mikkeller.

Ris A La M'Ale: This ale boasts of cherry and almond. Pours nice, pinkish gold with two fingers of pinkish head. Fruity aroma with some noble hops. The taste starts with a bit of sour cherry and some malt sweetness. Piney hops come next with very subdued almond notes. Light bodied. If your a fan of marzipan your gunna be happy. @ Bayou

Hoppin Loving XMAS: Lots of cinnamon in the nose with nutmeg, and clove. Some sweet, caramelly, biscuity malts, but you really need to look for them beyond all the spices. The spices carry over to taste as well, though the sweet malts do hold their own here better. Plenty of dark fruits in the finish, with a hint of alcohol adding to the beer's powerful spiciness. I'm not the biggest fan of unbalanced sweetness but this beer's spicey flavors help it pull it off. @ Bayou

Returning Holiday favorites are as follows:
Bad Elf
Very Bad Elf
Seriously Bad Elf
Criminally Bad Elf
Lump Of Coal
Santas Butt
Warm Welcome
Pickled Santa
Reindeer Droppings
Reindeer Revolt

Santa's Helper

Serafiijn Christmas Angel
Sruise Tsjeeses  
Thiriez Noel

Also Back and unaffiliated with Christmas

Amber Farmhouse Ale
Blonde Farmhouse Ale
Extra Farmhouse Ale

Geants Goliath Triple

Achel Trappist Extra
Achel Bruin

Jolly Pumpkin
Jolly Pumpkin Es Bam

De MolenHemel & Aarde
Rook & Vuur
Storm & Aneji

These will go fast, it's all on you if you miss 'em. Available today.

Now if that's not enough there are some returning favorites that you will be happy to hear are back as well.

Our favorite "Elder" returns to us today from his mission in the barrels. Elder Brett is a collaboration beer made at Epic Brewing Co. with input from Crooked Stave Brewing out of Colorado.

Brettanomyces or "Brett" is a bacteria yeast used by brewers to produce sourness to the beer. In most cases it's a dangerous addition for beer, it's presence in traditional beer styles can ruin a beer and is banned in many breweries. But when purposely added to a beer that can properly use it souring properties the results can create astonishing delicious sour, tart or funky beers.

Elder Brett's barrels were inoculated with a blend of four different types of Brettanomyces. Aging for over nine months in the barrels allows the character of the unique wild yeast to fully express itself in the beer. The result combines all the elements for a truly sublime complexity.

This batch of Elder Brett is a little less yeasty and the Brett seems a little less forward, very dry and delicate if a Brett beer can be called that.  This beer was made by spreading around the bugs from last years casks into some additional barrels allowing the brewers to produce nearly twice as much as the previous years batch.

The aroma is rich with the musty, barnyard-like character that “Brett” is famous for as well as some remnants notes of white wine. The flavor also has wonderful amounts of fruity notes both from the yeast and hints of the peach from previously used barrels, all rounded out with a pleasant and refreshing acidity and incredible drinkability for an 9.5% ABV beer. There aren't many Brett beers made in the market, get some while you can. And please buy a few extra for "cellering". these beer benefit greatly from a little age. The 2011 version was an entirely different beer after just five months in the bottle. Just think what a year could do. @ Epic, Bayou & Beerhive

Black Butte XXIV has been spotted in various liquor stores around the state. This is one of Deschutes'  signature labels. Produced annually, this Porter pours a dark brown with hints of tinted ruby red on the sides. The nose is slightly vinous with notes of cocoa, vanilla and oak. The taste starts with intense cocoa, roasted malts, molasses and oak. The end is full of vanilla, cinnamon and bourbon. The finish is bitter and boozy. The flavors are spot on for the style. Everything is nicely balanced. A great beer that will just get better with age. @DABC

And don't forget about  RedRock's RĂªve Belgian Style Triple and those two new Wasatch beers, Switch and GhostRider. This is a great time of year for new releases and seasonals!

"Are you not entertained?" - Maximus Decimus Meridius


Mike said...

FYI, Brett is yeast not bacteria.

Ski Bike Junkie said...

Taking nothing away from Brett, my favorite Elder is Pliny.

edmanster said...

^^mike beat me to the punch mikey ^^

Yes, going to get my Brett on tonight and hopefully stop at hoppers too!!

Kevin said...

ELDER BRETT whaahoo! simply amazing top 5 on my beer list from last year. )

Mikey said...

I stand corrected, Beer Nerds!

Anonymous said...

Lactobacillus is a bacteria, but Brett is a yeast strain.

Douglas said...

Hey Mikey, so what year is the From/To?

Mikey said...

Douglas, I have no clue.

Adam C. said...

Mikey I'm glad you brought up aging wood barrel beer. I wanted to mention this under the switch post earlier. I am always cautious when aging any wood barrel aged beer in the bottle. While I am very confident the beer is stable and I'm sure the boys at Epic would say the same. Any beer that has been in wood and has not been pasteurized or otherwise sterilized can pick up yeast and bacteria that could ferment further in the bottle. This can be a good thing as far as further developing the flavor but it could also cause exploding bottles. So store accordingly. That said I love brett beers can't wait to try the elder brett.

Anonymous said...

Just tried it tonight. I didn't like the sour apple saison much but this was amazing. Great job to the guys at Epic. I have to say, the Sour Apple was the only beer I have every had from Epic that didn't blow my mind. Great brewery and great that I can drive to pick up local and amazing high gravity beers.

Anonymous said...


Douglas said...

This From/To is actually a From To Via I think. Yes, it's complicated because there is a:
All are different brews.

Anonymous said...

How is brett. not a bacterial yeast strain?

Anonymous said...

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Ed said...

"How is brett. not a bacterial yeast strain?"

Because that's not biologically possible...?

Anonymous said...

"because that's not biologically possible"

How so? Is not Brettanomyces wild yeast? And wild yeast by definition is infected.

Anonymous said...

Bacteria and yeast are not the same thing.

Anonymous said...

I would like to walk into any Utah brewery and add a Brettanomyces yeast strain to their base beer. Cutthroat, Devestator, or Polygamy Porter. And see if they consider it as just another yeast.

Ed said...

It's not just another brewer's yeast. Also: It's not bacteria.

Ed said...

I do like your Brett Cutthroat idea, though ;)

edmanster said...

WOW, this is still going? it is indeed just another brewers yeast but not for everyones taste.. that is why in the beer/wine world it is considered infected when it is present in most styles of beer/wine.. but in some wine/beer it add complexity that is desired. some breweries use brett as their house strain for this reason and produce funky to tart to sour beers depending on the % gluten in the recipe and do spontaneous fermentation because that yeast is everywhere.. its a rather difficult yeast to work with and master but produces some of the best beers in the world!!

edmanster said...

sorry Ed for knocking your statement there!! i guess i should of said its just another choice of yeast (not brewers as in sacc) for us brewers to use depending on style..lol..

Anonymous said...

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