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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

French Connection Pale Ale

Squatters is pouring a special, one of kind ale this week that's two parts Utah, one part Washington & one part French . Squatters' Jason Stock & the Utah Brewers Coop's David McKean have teamed up with with Washington State University to create a unique pale ale, made from an entirely new hop strain developed by WSU.

The currently unnamed hop strain has been selected from a cross of a French grown female Alsace with a male selected from a cross of American Cascade and Cluster. This is the only commercial beer that has been brewed with this novel hop. Jason & Dave used a familiar malt bill (Full Suspension Pale Ale) in order to showcase this new hop.

Pours a hazy amber (just like Full Suspension). The nose is fruity with some berries and citrus. Starts with a good grainy malt presence, hops are floral, grassy & earthy. The finish has hints of berries. Very drinkable, has no hints of it's Full Suspension beginnings.

It's an interesting hop strain. I hope they have an opportunity to experiment with some others soon. French Connection is on tap right now at Squatters.

Above: Jason Stock - David McKean

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kent said...

Looking forward to trying this one.