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Friday, January 04, 2013

New Beer/Cider Friday!

I'm not sure how I missed these guys, but there's a new Cider House/Meadery in Cache Valley that's part of Slide Ridge Honey Farms. CaCysir Honey Wine. (pronounced ka--SIGH-sir) CaCysir is a 100% local blend of juices from seven select Northern Utah apple varieties. It's described as a perfectly clean honey with a hint of grapes. At 13.65% alcohol, it also has a crisp acidity. Douglas spotted this at the at the Redwood Store. Thanks, Dougie!

Also in the news today Epic Brewing has finally penned a deal to build a new brewery in Denver Colorado. They're new location will be at 3001 Walnut St. in the River North Area or RhiNo district. It's a 20k sq ft. space that will host a Twenty Bbl double kettle five vessel brew house. A tap room is planned and they're hoping to get about 1000 casks aging in there by years end. Congrats, boys!

Today is also Fresh Cask Friday! This evening will be a continuation of last week's Double Black Lager offering. Donovan will be tapping a single firkin of Double Black Lager aged with a touch of El Dorado hops. Like always, a traditional natural re-fermentation in the cask and gravity poured directly from the firkin. The tapping will be at 5pm at Hoppers and will be gone quickly.

By the way, I've been getting the Holy Hell spammed out of me lately and I've had to make some changes to the comments section. I've tried to make access to the blog as easy as possible, but the douche bags of the world have just made it impossible to be a happy Beer Gnerd. It's just an extra step to post a comment, please don't let it hinder your participation.



Craig said...

Damn I wish I would have read this earlier. Sorry Donovan!

Ray said...

Found the slide ridge at the holiday store as well

Douglas said...

The Slidge Ridge was really good. Very sweet and huge flavors.