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Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Life for Ruby River

Ruby River has new owners! The restaurant/brewery located in Riverdale, Provo, Sandy, Salt Lake & Reno, NV has been a part of the Sizzling Platter family of restaurants which also include Hoppers, Red Robin & Sizzler since the late 90s. Sadly for most of it's history, Ruby River's brewing operation has always taken backseat to their restaurant side, their owners really never embraced it or gave them a chance to spread their wings and grow. That is about to change.

Recently, the Ruby River chain was purchased from Sizzling Platter and the new owner appear to have a set  different priorities. Rob Bunn RR's head brewer says, he expects a lot of support and a lot more emphasis on their hand crafted beers from the new owners. RR is currently being distributed by Golden Beverage to some local spots in the Ogden area and Rob adds that, they are going to be focusing on their staple beers as well as developing some tasty new seasonal offerings and organizing some special events for the brewery.

It's about damn time that Rob & Ruby River will get a fresh start and a chance to expand their brand. Best of luck!

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1 comment:

Douglas said...

Great! I love the restaurant, we just never see their beer here in Salt Lake.