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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ogden Gets Unsacred

Today residents of of the Ogden area will be the first to get their hands on Utah's newest beer brand. Unsacred Beers will debut this evening at 5pm at Boston's, Rainbow Saloon, Slackwater Pizza & Brewski's.

Look for Unfaithful IPA, Rimando's Wit, The Vision Lager and Priesthood Pale Ale.

The Salt Lake debut will be tomorrow (Jan 31st) at Bar X, Poplar Street Pub, Beehive & Piper Down.



Chris Detrick said...

Will they be on draft in epic's 'Tap-Less Tap Room?'

holly said...

I had a taste of unsacred last night. Luckily it was only a taste. Maybe I am just spoiled by all the local breweries with tons of experience and skill brewing for flavor at 3.2.

Ray said...

I have talk to boys at Epic and the answer to having taps in the tappless tap room was a big FUCK NO!!!!