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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hellevation IPA

Since august of 2012, Roosters new bottle program has been slowly finding it's groove. Debuting with a Pale ale, ESB and a Bock the program didn't find it's stride until the release of their Honey Wheat ale last summer, which took of big. Now comes word the  Breweries will be offering a new bottled IPA called Hellevation.

It's not surprising they'd go the IPA route - it is the most popular craft beer style in the country and Utahans are starved for new craft beer lables. Hellevation will be hopped with Nugget and Cascade hops and should be available sometime in early 2014. Look for it at the Ogden/Layton brewpubs before it (hopefully) hits liquor stores.

And by the way, thanks to everyone that was able to make it out to the Holiday Tasting last Saturday. Holy Shit what a huge crowd! I'd like to also add that your generosity with your beer cellars never ceases to amaze me - what a great array of beers! I'll try to throw some photos up on the Utah Beer Facebook page in the coming days. Thanks Again!



Douglas said...

Well, let's hope that they put some effort into this one. I guess you always get another chance.

Ray said...

I'm not holding my breath on this one, I am not a fan of roosters, my personal opinion is that they are one of the worst breweries in the state! Yet I will give this a try.

Douglas said...

There's no doubt the bottle offerings from Roosters have been terrible. It's a shame that two nice locations and a solid financial backing can't or won't support good beer. Who wants DMS flavored beer?